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Counterfeit Foods Conspiracy, a communist plot to topple the American pet food industry?  Compelling evidence includes name brand dog foods... First in a 2-part investigative series reveals how such goods fund terrorists!

FREE ROW facts & photosAkita owner denies attack but refuses to reclaim his dog; instead asks for donations to "free Row" - Akita fancy outraged.

Terrible Toenails- Breeder-Judge on trimming or grinding nails to prevent foot damage which judges see as neglect. Gammill on how and why to cut toe nails.

Federal Lawsuit Withdrawnagainst AKC President Sprung & ATFTC President Pritchard.  How and why Pritchard won; did other judges and dog clubs lose?

Shelters & Rescues trafficking in dogs? 2010 estimates exceed $20 million for imported mutts while American dogs languish in shelters.  Witouski reports.

Puppy Mills Defined  Is it your neighbor?  Your co-owner?  Maybe it's you?  Finally!  A legal definition and a rationale dissertation for hobby breeders.

Dogs Poisoned by Grapes? Teresa Cooper thinks NOT as evidenced by her Dalmatian "Cassie".  More on this intriguing question that still has everyone's attention.

CLUB SECRETARIES & SHOW CHAIRS:  There is still time to update your club's information in Kennel and Breed Clubsand get your free Events Listings in The Dog Press, just click to notify Dennis  And here's proof that Dog shows bring incalculable revenue to local economies. It's a brilliant, easy way to show businesses what Kennel Clubs do!

Next Edition - Implications of PRIME, why it is harder to sell your show puppies, and counterfeit sales bankroll terrorists!

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