We could not have asked for a more perfect dog.  Desi is the easiest dog to train extremely intelligent and eager to please.  He's excelled in his obedience class, earned three majors in conformation towards his championship before he was even one,  became a Canine Good Citizen at one year old and a month later became a certifed therapy dog with Therapy Dog International and currently is volunteering at a local hospital and taking rally classes for future rally competitions.
If I had to use one word to describe Desi it would be "fun".  He loves life, loves to play, loves meeting new people and trying new experiences.  We take Desi everywhere with us, at twelve and a half pounds, he's small enough to fly in the cabin of a plane with us and is a very well behaved guest at hotels.  He's been to Miami, Orlando, Chicago, New York, a spa in Pennsylvania and the Havanese Specialty in Raleigh, North Carolina.    
He has his own little car seat in our car, his own bike seat on our bicycle, he's ridden on boats, the New York subway, trains, golf carts and taxis.  He's my constant companion from the time he wakes me up in the morning smothering me with kisses until he curls up in a ball next to me in the bed at night.  Desi, my little ball of love, I can not imagine life without him.
Desi shares our home with my husband and I, our eleven year old daughter, our fifteen year old Labrador, our eighteen year old cat and our parrot.  He instantly fit right into our family, getting along with everyone as if he had always been there.
Candy does a wonderful job, socializing her puppies and breeding for health and temperament.  We were able to visit Desi each week as a little puppy which not only helped socialize the puppies, but also made the transition much easier into our home.  Desi was not stressed or frightened his first night in our home because we were familiar, he knew us. Desi, like the other Havanese, I met at Candy's, demonstrates the happy, outgoing, friendly disposition you expect from the Havanese breed.  I would happily recommend QBin's Havanese when you are looking to add your new family member.